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The Weight Loss Twins: Jim Germanakos

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The Weight Loss Twins’ dad, George Germanakos, told them, “The only way to get something done is to get it started.” I’ll bet he would have been incredibly happy and proud if he’d lived for long enough to see his twin sons, Bill and Jim Germanakos, diet and exercise their way to victory on series four of the extremely popular NBC weight-loss show The Biggest Loser. Although Jim Germanakos – “Jimmy the Greek” to his workmates – has traditionally been a massive fan of the series, he wasn’t always so determined to get slim. Jim’s a New York cop and he loves his wife and family. When his shifts permitted, up to a short while ago, he’d sit on the settee watching the television and chewing away at high-cal comfort snacks, soaked up by the stories of the shrinking contestants, but not really concerned about his own 295lb ever expanding frame. Of course that was that was before he became a Weight Loss Twin, before his “ahaa” moment…

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