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When they weighed in at the Biggest Loser, The Weight Loss Twins were 361lbs and 334lbs. Just like their father before them, Jim and Bill had always been big guys. The Weight Loss Twins’ father, George, had died of obesity related diseases when they were young. In spite of his own size, Jim considered himself an active guy, a dedicated cop and fire-fighter. He liked to join in with his kids’ play. As far as Jim was concerned, his own weight wasn’t an enormous problem. He loved his wife, Val, and she was a big woman too. They loved their food, just like the rest of us folks. As you get larger it’s easier just to get bigger and bigger. It’s like you accept your obesity and just carry on eating and expanding.

What happened next was that Jim’s weight suddenly became a problem, not just for him but also for his sixteen year old son. His son was a keen eagle scout, and he eventually got himself and his dad accepted onto an amazing adventure trip. This was when Jim’s weight got in the way of his son’s happiness. During training their coach found out that Jim weighed more than 300lbs and he had to disqualify both Jim and his son from the trip. This was because the helicopters weren’t able to evacuate anyone who weighed over 250lbs. His son loved his father but he now realised that Jim had let him down. Disappointed, he cried all the way home. Where Jim was concerned, this was his moment of clarity, his “Ahaa moment”. He resolved to do something about his weight once and for all and so Jim and his brother Bill, the Weight Loss Twins, auditioned for The Biggest Loser.

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