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Are you anything like the Weight Loss Twins? How often do you find yourself snacking on a tub of ice-cream or a bucket of potato chips in front of the TV? Are you happy with your size or would you like to shed some excess pounds? Is your partner over-weight? What about your kids? Do you think your family are concerned about your weight? Just like money or drink, excess weight gain can be a big reason why marriages break up. Have you consulted your doctor? Did you know that there are real health risks associated with obesity like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks? Do you want to die before your kids get to make something of their lives or before you see your grandchildren? If life is already trying to give you a slap in the face, just like Jim Germanakos, here’s your chance to do something about it. The Weight Loss Twins are bringing out their own diet and exercise programme, The Truth About  Diets, which tells you all about their Rapid Action Metabolism System or RAM system. So you can hear all about the secrets of their success direct from the Weight Loss Twins themselves and learn how you too can get rid of those dreaded pounds for yourself.

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